In 2019 MC closed its inaugural investment in a biotechnology business based in Cape Town, thus executing on its intention to be an investor in Healthcare technology. Hyrax Biosciences produces DNA analysis software that:

•       Enables early detection of cancer

•       Informs personalised treatment for a range of diseases


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Partner with Mohau Capital for Investments or Enterprise and Supplier Development

Mohau Capital is establishing itself as an investment partner of choice. We believe that our corporate finance and entrepreneur flair bring a unique proposition other than being a 100% black female owned firm.

Our position and reputation in the market means we are available to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and add value through our local and global partnerships.

Our recent awards testify to our commitment to excellence.

Entrepreneur experience

Entrepreneurial experience means we value and respect every client that trusts us with the future of its business. This is informed by an appreciation of the challenges of starting, growing and running a company, as well as a desire to be the best in the industry.

Local and global network and relations with financial institutions and businesses

The wide network of relationships ensures that our expertise is supported by a firm understanding of the significant influences in the market and industry.

Experience in advisory

Our experience in the advisory space allows us to be highly productive and efficient in delivering client solutions. But more importantly it gives us the license and confidence to apply nuanced creativity in meeting client objectives.